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Reduce Shoulder Pain and Improve Mobility in 60 seconds with the 3 Month Pose KB Pullover

While every guy loves to have a big, powerful upper back and lats, you can sometimes train them so much that you become “stiff” and “tight” throughout this area. Combine that with poor posture and improper breathing mechanics and you got a recipe for Anterior Pelvic Tilt

(Pelvis tilts forward---Lower back arches---Pain in lower back.)

Want to know if you have APT? Try this quick test: Stand sideways to a mirror and raise your arms while straight directly overhead with your palms facing forward and your Abs tight.

Feeling any tightness in your Shoulders, Lats, and/or Lower Back? Then you need to loosen up! Try this drill before your next Upper Body Press Day.

Start with 2-3 sets of 10 reps. Go lighter than you think, 20-25 lbs, as this is harder than it looks. Keep your lower back flat on the mat throughout the movement. You’ll notice right away that you will move and feel better across the shoulder area and will have a stronger workout because of it.

For more tips on how I can help you improve your form and fitness, message me or check out for more information.

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