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How To Kick Start Your Fat Loss Results

During our 1st Strategy Session, almost everyone I have a goal-setting discussion with tells me they want to "tone up" or "lose a little weight."

But then we start to dig. And then we dig a little deeper...

Upon closer inspection, it turns out they want to have more lean mass on their body and less fat so they can look good naked and sexier to their significant other.

Hey, no shame in that!

"That's simple," I say. "To fix this, you need to lift weights and get stronger."

Remember the first time you started to really "lift weights?" It was a glorious time:

-The weight just fell off instantaneously and you could see muscles appear that you never knew existed.

-You notice the weights you were lifting were getting easier, and each week it looked like you were setting up for a new personal record.

-You start to become a regular at the gym and even the front desk crew calls you by your first name instead of giving you a "Hey man."

Ahhhh, those were the glory days, right?

Then the dreaded plateau hits- you hit a metaphorical wall and that stops you dead in your tracks with your fat loss results.

-The scale doesn't budge, and you may even start to gain weight.

-The strength gains don't come as easy, and you are stuck squatting the same weight you have been doing the past 3 weeks and it's frustrating as hell.

- You stop going to the gym as frequently and consistently because what's the point of working so hard when you have nothing to show for it?

What do you do?

"Well, I'm already lifting 2-3 days a week and eating pretty good... I just need to do some more cardio..."


Those of us who've been coaching people for a significant period of time on how to get leaner (i.e. "tone up") have always understood that the best way to do this is MORE strength training- NOT endless hours of boring cardio.

Now, there is more scientific evidence to back up that this is the case.

You see, strength training does exactly what those of us who are serious about coaching people to better results have always known it does. And now, we know why: Adding more lean body tissue through strength training causes a chemical and hormonal cascade that signals the body to burn more fat.

Hmmm. It seems the “theory” of endlessly hopping from one cardio machine to the next until you end up on the floor in a pool of sweat the size of a lake isn’t really the way to go.

Not sure about you, but I’ll side with science over “theory” not to mention years of experience helping people like you get stronger and leaner through strength training.

So what do you do with this information now that you know what works?

Start small and keep progressing.

-Add 1 more strength training session a week.

-Add 10 minutes to each strength training session.

-Focus on intensity of exercise, not volume.

-Select big compound movements over isolation ones.

The list goes on but you have a general idea.

This small increase in activity will help kick start your metabolism so you start seeing the definition and results you wanted again.

And as my friend Coach Chuck always says- "You are gonna start stacking W's."

Never underestimate the power of small victories.

How many days a week do you strength train currently? Reply back and let me know!.

P.S. Whenever you're ready, here are 3 ways I can help you set up healthier habits and break bad behaviors so you can lose weight around the waist and gain inches on the arms:

1. Listen to my latest podcast appearance

Recently I had the pleasure of being invited to the Project Evolve Podcast to share some Pro Tips on how you can easily set yourself up with success in whatever habits you want to implement in your life. This is a great listen for your next commute or when are working at home. You can check it out HERE. (Make sure to like and subscribe).

2. Work with me 1-on-1.

If you have some issues and you want my direct input and guidance, just reply to this "Hey Coach" and tell me what you're struggling with or by scheduling a Strategy Session with me below. It's that simple.

3. Join my FB coaching group.

We all need support. So why not jump into a motivated community of like-minded fathers to build CONSISTENCY with the habits that you want to instill to reach your goals, led by Yours Truly? This isn't for everyone- To qualify you must: 1. Be a Dad

2. Share with me what your goals are 3. Agree to be disciplined for the next 14 days

4. Tell me your best "Dad Joke" If I feel like it's a good fit for you, you'll be accepted to the Facebook Group "The Disciplined Dad Experiment" where you can participate in my 14-day challenge to get a head start in chasing your goals. You won't run the race alone- we will run it together and support each other along the way.

I'll be there every day to give you everything you need to succeed - Meal plans, Tips, Motivation, Accountability, and Support. Iron sharpens Iron so as one man sharpens another (Proverbs 27:17). Let's stop trying to figure out and fix everything on our own- Let's win together.

If you are interested in being a part of The Disciplined Dad Experiment, reply to this with the word "Discipline" and I'll fill you in on the details and schedule your call.

Many people wish they started sooner. Almost nobody wished they started later. Book your appointment now so you can start becoming the change you want to be. For my fellow Fathers who dare to get better, Coach Ryan Collins


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