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Is The Weekend Binge Killing Your Progress?

Does this sound familiar: You are successful nutritionally from Monday through Friday but as soon as the weekend hits, all bets are off. A cheat meal becomes a cheat day, then a cheat weekend. All the progress you made during the week is down the drain.

If it does then I wanted to share some tips about how to avoid weekend overeating:

  • Aim for good enough, not perfect- All-or-nothing guys say, “Screw It,” and have the and when they are "off". You can still have the burger- try it in a lettuce wrap instead of on a bun. Substitute salad for french fries. Small victories! Ditch the food rules- Food rules lead to more food rule breakers. They take up a lot of mental space and energy. Someone obsessed with food rules might rationalize having a whole pizza and a 6 pack because they’ve “blown their diet anyway so what’s the difference?” Umm … the difference is like thousands of calories! It’s ok to have . It’s OK to have . Enjoy some of each and let hunger be your guide, not food rules. Give up on cheat days- The opposite of scarcity is abundance. Not permitting yourself to eat what you want in proper quantities can lead to weekend binging. Have dessert on Tuesday night if you’re hungry and in the mood for it. You may find that this more balanced approach works better for you. Own your choices- I try to encourage people to stop turning food choices into good or bad decisions. Don’t punish or congratulate yourself. If you make a decision to eat a gallon of , own it, wipe the slate clean, and move on. Stop rationalizing. If you have an excuse every time you make an unhealthy food choice, you will continue to struggle. I was busy/I was stressed/it was a holiday- there's always an excuse. What if you stopped each time and thought, “Why am I doing this?” You may discover the root cause of your overeating and regain your power over it.

I hope these tips help you out the next time you feel like you are failing nutritionally on the weekend. We constantly strive for "Progress not Perfection" here at Dads Who Lift with all of our Coaching Programs so if you are interested in how we can help you redefine your Dad Bod without having crazy restrictions and feeling like you are imprisoned with a diet, reach out to us for a complementary Strategy Session so we can get you headed in the right direction. Go win your weekend gents!


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